If you have some change to spare after Steam's unbelievable summer sale, you may want to pay a visit to the fine individuals at Good Old Games. The distributor of classic video games has slashed 50% off its "Rebellion Pack," which gets you 11 old school titles for $40.89. Alternatively, if you don't want the entire collection, the games can be purchased individually at a discount of 30%.

The bundle includes Empire Earth Gold Edition, Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition, Empire Earth 3, Evil Genius, Ground Control plus Expansion, Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus SE, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, Lord of Magic: Special Edition, Lord of the Realm 3, Lord of the Realm: Royal Edition, and Republic: The Revolution. All of which include some form of extra content, such as a game manual, artwork, or a soundtrack.

It wouldn't be Friday without a deal from Valve. The company hopes to lure you in with a free weekend of Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and then convince you to buy the game for 50% off, which amounts to $9.99 alone or $29.98 for a four pack.