As you likely learned from our review this morning, Nvidia's latest mid-range product, the GTX 460 is not just coming... it's already here. Reviews of the new GPU are just popping up, but Nvidia faithful can now grab the card via Newegg. Twelve products are currently listed from vendors such as Evga, Palit, Asus, and Gigabyte.

As was predicted, GTX 460 cards with 768MB of GDDR5 are starting at $199, while those with 1GB are priced around $230. There are several factory overclocked variations available, and they are surprisingly affordable. One EVGA offering boasts a core clock of 763Mhz, which is approximately 13 percent higher than reference design cards for an extra $10.

Although all GeForce GTX 460 boards are currently showing as "in stock" with no quantity restrictions, you'll probably need to act fast if you'd like to have one in your PC by the end of the week.