There's not much that hasn't been detailed about Nvidia's upcoming mid-range Fermi card already. Leaks have been trickling in from multiple sources since April and by now we know the GeForce GTX 460 will be based on a cut-down revision of the GF100 chip, dubbed GF104, and that it will come in two versions -- one with 768MB GDDR5 and a 192-bit memory and a slightly more expensive version that will carry 1GB of memory and a 256-bit memory interface.

If you still had any doubts about its existence, however, now you can catch a glimpse of two actual products expected to debut in the coming days along with some press slides detailing their performance. The information was posted by a forum member at Expreview and depicts Gigabyte's GTX 460 as slightly faster than a "generic" HD 5830 in most tests, while remaining a bit slower than the GTX 465. The slides refer to the performance of a reference design GTX 460 with stock frequencies at 675MHz, 3600MHz and 1350MHz for the GPU, memory and shader clocks respectively.

The price is $199 for the 768 MB variant and between $229-239 for the 1GB model, which is rather aggressive for a card that is expected to outperform the $220 Radeon HD 5830. For its part, MSI has a non-reference card in the works which will feature a Cyclone Cooler and should come factory overclocked to 725MHz for the GPU and 1450MHz for shaders. There's no word on pricing for this model yet and a 1GB variant hasn't been confirmed either.