The state of California has been trying for years to level consequences against businesses that sell violent video games to minors. The current law (California AB 1179) was established in 2005 and criminalizes the sale or rental of games to minors under the penalty of a $1,000 fine.

The Media Coalition and Electronic Media Association immediately requested an injunction, which was granted. The case made its way through various courts until it finally arrived on the steps of the Ninth Circuit Court in 2008, who ruled the law unconstitutional.

Now the battle is headed to the United States Supreme Court. The state has filed its brief and, as before, argues that the legislation provides a service to parents who want to regulate what their children play. The brief also argues that first amendment protection does not extend to offensively violent material.

The court process is a slow one, so it will be some time until the case is heard and a verdict is reached. As a side note, gamers in California might be interested to know that the state has so far reimbursed the plaintiffs $282,794 in attorney's fees.