While reporting its record financial results yesterday, Intel also made a quick mention of its upcoming "Sandy Bridge" chip design, announcing that they have accelerated their 32-nanometer factory ramp in an effort to meet the anticipated demand. Although the company offered very little news besides citing the "very strong reception" of its all-new architecture, early details have already started to emerge from a handful of sources.

Just a couple of days ago we learned about Intel's alleged plans to The new architecture is set to launch some time later this year featuring an on-die integrated graphics core and several other enhancements made possible by its 32nm manufacturing process. It will be more efficient at executing tasks, have "improved inter-buses" for faster on-chip communication, and support new instructions like Intel's Advanced Vector Extension for faster video and audio processing. Sandy Bridge chips will also require a brand new socket, LGA 1155 and later on LGA 2011 for six and eight core variants, neither of which will be backwards compatible with older CPUs.