According to posts on the Dell community forum, the system builder has accidentally shipped a "small number" of motherboards with malware-infected system management firmware. Affected units are limited to replacement motherboards for the PowerEdge R410, R510 and T410 distributed by the company's service dispatches, while those coming straight from the factory aren't tainted.

Dell says the maximum potential exposure is less than 1% of the above-stated server models, and the company has removed all infected boards from its service supply. If you happen to be in that fraction of a percent, Dell says only Windows machines are at risk and all industry-standard antivirus applications have the ability to identify and protect you from the malicious code.

Additionally, systems with the iDRAC Express or iDRAC Enterprise card installed are safe, while the remaining computers can only be exposed by updating Unified Server Configurator (USC) or 32-bit Diagnostics. While the impact of this blunder appears to be trivial, it's just another blemish on Dell's reputation which some are questioning after recently-leaked documents revealed the company knowingly sold faulty computers.