Rumors about an upcoming BlackBerry tablet continue to crop up. The latest tidbits of information come from a report published on Bloomberg News, which claims two people familiar with RIM's plans have confirmed the company plans to enter with touch screen tablet market this November with the 'Blackpad'. The hardware is said to sport a 9.7-inch screen, identical to the iPad's dimensions, and will come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology.

As implied by earlier rumors, RIM's tablet will function as a companion to BlackBerry phones since it won't have its own 3G connection, but rather should allow users to connect to the Internet on the go through their BlackBerry phones. The report also claims that price for the Blackpad will be in line with Apple's tablet, the cheapest model starting at $499.

Next week, the company is holding a press conference where it's expected to unveil the latest BlackBerry OS, as well as a new smartphone featuring touch screen technology and a slider keyboard. It's unclear if the Blackpad will be part of their presentation. When and if the device comes to fruition, the road is likely to be a rocky one for RIM. Not only they'll have to go up against Apple's successful iPad, but also against a slew of Android tablets expected to debut in the near future.