RIM to launch 'BlackPad' tablet in November?


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Rumors about an upcoming BlackBerry tablet continue to crop up. The latest tidbits of information come from a report published on Bloomberg News, which claims two people familiar with RIM's plans have confirmed the company plans to enter with touch screen tablet market this November with the 'Blackpad'. The hardware is said to sport a 9.7-inch screen, identical to the iPad's dimensions, and will come equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology.

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Wait...so I'll pay $500 for a tablet that requires my phone to be connected to it? Anyone else see the issue here? lol
Yes, while the Blackberry tablet could do extremely well in business due to their heavy ability to control company assets like the penetration they have with Blackberry phones, they screwed up not having 3G...what a shame, damn, what a shame.


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They need to make an entirely new OS before promising crap like this... but I guess we will see.


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The more competition that jumps in with these devices can only drive down the prices of the existing ones....not a bad thing for the consumer.