If you were expecting to find a copy of Crysis 2 under the Christmas tree, we have some tough news to break: it's not happening – at least not this Christmas. Previously set to debut during the holidays, EA announced yesterday during its earnings report that the sequel won't ship until the publisher's fiscal fourth quarter, or early next year.

EA didn't give a detailed reason for moving the title to a launch sometime between January and March. Besides saying the title was bumped to a "better marketing window," the company said it would provide the Crytek team with more time to polish the forthcoming sequel. Speculation suggests the delay is related the addition of 3D graphics.

Assuming there are no more delays, the gaming scene will be rather chaotic come early 2011. EA itself plans to release Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, Darkspore, Fight Night Champion, and Need for Speed: Shift 2. In the meantime, we're here if you need a shoulder to cry on. And hey, on the bright side StarCraft 2 has launched – in case that hasn't sunk in yet.