A couple of months ago Valve revealed that its highly-anticipated puzzle shooter Portal 2 would introduce an entire set of levels with their own storyline designed specifically for co-operative action. The new mode puts players in control of two "infinitely respawning robots" that were created by GlaDOS to replace humans.

In the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, Portal 2 writer Eric Wolpaw gives us a little more details about the game's co-op mode and shares the short teaser that we've posted above. The thirty-second clip doesn't show much, but it does show the two Aperture bots that gamers will play as, and gives a basic idea of how they'll need to work together in Portal 2.

Wolpaw says that the reason Portal 2's co-op levels are completely different is because "four portals changes everything" and that it will be impossible to solve a chamber using just one player's set of portals. In other words, get ready to wrap your head around more complex puzzles and game mechanics when Portal 2 launches on February 9, 2011.