First and foremost, big congratulations to our editor Jose Vilches (aka "Jos") who took the big step this past weekend and got married. Best of luck on this new chapter that is set to bring more positive change as he moves to France to start an MBA in beautiful Nice. But don't worry, he will keep collaborating on the site as usual after he takes a deserved 2-week break later this month.

Considering our fellow U.S. readers are enjoying a long weekend I will keep things brief and up to the point. I'm glad to report that August was TechSpot's best month ever for incoming traffic. We broke our previous record from last November receiving over 4.7 million unique visitors and serving 11+ million page views.

Coming up later this week, we'll have a new SSD round-up. For this article in particular we are focusing on budget sub-$150 models, reviewing all the best available models in that category. To make matters even more interesting we have also thrown the highly touted Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive into the mix.

On the next installment of TechSpot Weekly we will begin to ask for your direct feedback on things pertinent to the work we do on the site and the articles we write. In the meantime, I wanted to mention one excellent idea sent in by community member red1776. In light of recent hardware performance articles we've posted, he suggested we open a forum dedicated to "extreme machines" and ultra-enthusiast level discussion only.

We love the idea and we believe it also opens the door for running a 'rig of the month' feature where the selected rig owner would be interviewed and receive a special prize for his entry. At least you will have more excuse than just Crysis 2 to upgrade after last week's DNF announcement.