Duke Nukem Forever is in fact being developed by Gearbox – and that's straight from the horse's mouth. Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford confirmed today that development on the title is being completed. As it turns out, the studio picked the project up sometime late last year, and they're just polishing things up for a 2011 release on PC, Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 3.

What's more, Gearbox officially unveiled the title at PAX today – and not just a teaser video either. A fully playable copy is right out in the open for attendees to test drive. Hands-on gameplay footage was being streamed live here, but that's over now. The replay should be online shortly.

Story-wise, according to Pitchford, "aliens come and say they're going to be our friends and Duke knows this isn't going to work out. Duke once again is in the pivotal spot and its up to him to save the world." Both single-player and multi-player modes are confirmed.