Nvidia still hasn't made an official announcement but their next mainstream desktop product, the GF106-based GeForce GTS 450, has already been fully exposed and put up for pre-order by various online retailers. The card will be positioned as the successor to the GeForce GTS 250 in the sub-$160 market featuring 192 Cuda cores, 1GB GDDR5 and a 128-bit memory interface.

Stock configurations come with a core clock of 783MHz while the Cuda cores and memory run at 1566MHz and 3600MHz, respectively. AIC partners will be free to make their own non-reference designs at release, though, so you can probably expect models with clocks running a few MHz higher. Other specs include 4 Polymorph Engines and 32 Texture Units, DVI and HDMI outputs, and a dual-slot design.

In terms of power consumption the GTS 450 is said to draw a maximum of 106W through one 6-pin PCI Express connector, which is roughly the same as what the Radeon HD 5770 consumes. It'll be interesting to see how these two compare when it comes to price and gaming performance - going by some early benchmarks posted at Xtreme Systems, which includes numbers for a slightly overclocked Asus card, it looks like a tough fight for Nvidia. A firm launch date hasn't been confirmed yet but rumors suggest the GeForce GTS 450 will arrive September 13.