Things should get really interesting the coming months in the world of desktop graphics as both Nvidia and AMD ready new DirectX 11 offerings aimed at the mainstream and enthusiast markets. The former is expected release the GeForce GTS 450 next week and the GT 430 in October, while AMD should debut the Radeon HD 6000 series with two models in the 6700 line around the same time according to the latest rumors. We're not sure when their higher end Cayman XT based cards will hit the market, but if the latest round of leaked pictures are any indication, they can't be far off either.

There are not too many details that we can gather from a picture, of course, but the card appears to have two DVI, one HDMI and two Mini DisplayPort outputs – potentially allowing for four or up to five-way Eyefinity setups. Additionally the leak shows a pair of CrossFire connectors, which is to be expected from AMD's latest graphics cards. Curiously, an ATI sticker is visible on the fan, but as you know this brand will not be used to market the Radeon HD 6000 series.

The folks over at also posted a couple of pictures of what they claim is an AMD Radeon HD 6300 card featuring a low-profile, single-slot, passively-cooled design. According to the site, the card has a DVI port, possible HDMI and 1GB of VRAM (DDR3) over a 64-bit memory interface. As was the case with its higher-end counterpart, there's no information regarding the GPU, shader or memory clock speeds.