ComScore has released updated rankings for the US mobile device market, showing that Android has continued its strong growth. Some 234 million Americans aged 13 and up used cell phones during the three months ending in July. Samsung, LG and Motorola were neck and neck in OEM share, with splits of 23.1%, 21.2% and 19.8%, respectively. RIM claimed fourth place with 9%, and Nokia took a 7.8% cut of the US handset market.

Over 53 million of those users were on smartphones – 11% more than the previous period. Research In Motion enjoyed a healthy lead in share, accounting for 39.3% of Americans with smartphones. Apple followed with 23.8%, and Android placed third with 17% – jumping an impressive 5% (and the only platform to gain share). Microsoft represented 11.8% of the smartphone market, while Palm ranked last in the top five with 4.9%.

Breaking down usage, comScore reports that two out of three US mobile subscribers sent text messages in July, up 1.4%. Handset owners are surfing the web more too, with 33.6% of people browsing the web, a 2.5% increase. More than 30% of mobile users downloaded apps, 22.3% played games, 21.8% accessed social networking sites or blogs, and 14.5% listened to music – all of which increased or are nearly flat in change from the prior period.