Rest easy folks, Good Old Games isn't going anywhere. On Sunday, the digital distributor scared gamers by taking down its service and leaving a (purposefully) misleading note about its closure. " simply cannot remain in its current form," the site said. The respected game dealer's demise upset loyal customers and many criticized it for its abrupt end. Some speculated the service was purchased by a larger distributor (such as Steam), while others thought it was marketing ploy. The latter group was right, it seems.

The company apologized today for deceiving its users, but said it couldn't miss the opportunity to attract attention for an upcoming site overhaul. "As a small company we don't have a huge marketing budget and this is why we could not miss a chance to generate some buzz around an event as big as launching a brand new version of our website and even more important, bringing back Baldur's Gate to life!" GOG said.

It was done in the spirit of fun, apparently. "Our aim at GOG is to promote the greatest DRM-free PC classics ever in a creative way and allow people to escape from the usual boring mainstream marketing." Everyone's entitled to a mistake and GOG's unique collection of DRM-free old school games should make it easy to forgive and forget. The service will relaunch tomorrow at 8AM EDT with "new, huge releases."