A leaked four-minute video of the upcoming HP Slate, which runs Windows 7, has hit YouTube (via Gizmodo). We're not sure if it's the real deal, but even if it is, the device clearly has a prototype sticker on it so things are bound to change, if ever so slightly.

The video says that the device is "pretty light" and "very fast" (the boot time is impressive). It also goes on to list all the buttons around the edges of the device, including a CTRL-ALT-DELETE button (no joke) and a keyboard button. While the keyboard button will definitely be useful, it's rather annoying that it seems to be required: the virtual keyboard doesn't appear and disappear when you would expect it to (like when entering a URL into Internet Explorer 8). That said, the on-screen keyboard itself looks pretty snazzy, and Flash support is always welcome.

The 8.9-inch Slate, which was first announced at CES in January, is supposed to be for enterprise-use only, meaning consumers like you and me won't be able to buy it. It's thus not too surprising that the leaked specs aren't too exciting, but it does give a taste of how a Windows 7 slate will look like.