Intel has quietly updated its mobile processor lineup over the weekend with eight new Core i5, i7 and Celeron branded parts in standard, low and ultra-low power flavors. Intel's high-end series received the 2.8GHz Core i7 640M, priced at $346, while two Core i5 chips for laptops, the 2.66Hz 580M and 560M, will power more affordable systems at $266 and $225 each. All three feature two cores, four threads, and a 35W TDP rating, but differ in the amount of L3 cache offered (4MB on the Core i7 versus 3MB on the Core i5).

For ultrathin laptops, where low power consumption and heat output is critical, Intel listed the 2.26GHz Core i7 660LM at $347, the 1.46GHz i7 680UM at $317, and the 1.33GHz i5 560UM for $250. These chips cover a TDP range between 18W and 25W. Finally, at the lower end of the spectrum are two new mobile Celeron processors: the P4600 and T3500, priced at $86 and $80 respectively, which should offer just enough performance for everyday non-CPU intensive tasks.

In addition to launching new parts, Intel also dropped price of the Celeron T3300 processor from $86 to $80. Prices for older Core i7 and Core i5 parts, as well as other Celeron models haven't changed though.