Microsoft published two new Windows Phone 7 ads this weekend on its YouTube channel, featuring the HTC Mondrian from AT&T. They've since been removed, but not before WM Poweruser snatched and reuploaded them. They're amusing to watch, to say the least, and something tells us that the software giant did not push them out early accidentally.

When the first Windows Phone 7 ad that appeared promised a revolution, we were curious. Now we're seeing AT&T's interpretation of this marketing push: get a life that doesn't involve being stuck to your phone all day. The implication is that Windows Phone 7 is designed in such a way that you can simply "glance and go" without having to embarrass yourself in public like with current "stand and stare" phones. It's a refreshing take on the world's obsession with mobile. The ads in question are after the jump.

Microsoft is holding an annual event in New York City on October 11, where it will showcase Windows Phone 7, among other technologies. The launch date for Europe (including the UK, France, Germany Italy, and Spain) is rumored to be October 21, according to Neowin. The US and Canada, meanwhile, should start seeing devices as of November 8, according to Windows Phone Secrets.