Windows Phone 7 ads, launch dates trickle out


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Microsoft published two new Windows Phone 7 ads this weekend on its YouTube channel, featuring the HTC Mondrian from AT&T. They've since been removed, but not before WM Poweruser snatched and reuploaded them. They're amusing to watch, to say the least, and something tells us that the software giant did not push them out early accidentally.

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If only I weren't in class right now, so I could watch them...
Is anyone aware of any updated Dell news on their phones? Those were the ones I was most excited about but I haven't heard anything about them in a while... I hope they're still planned!


Ok, I saw a startscreen and it can scroll... hmmm, Ms, check the Apple adds and more...


If you have ever played with an ipod touch (iphone) vs Zune HD then you would understand that MS has a pretty big power house with this new OS. The WP7 is based on the Zune HD's "Metro" interface and vs apple, it truly IS revolutionary.

If you have not, your comment was just apple fanboy banter.


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I'm not an apple fanboy by any stretch. in fact i'm getting quite fed up with my iphone but thats for other reasons. however, i dont stare at my phone to try and navigate to where i want because i have organized it so that everything i need is on the first page. The only time i stare at my phone is when i'm reading/sending a text or email. i dont really see how this new home page is revolutionary.


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why does the first ad feel as if the phone ui is pasted on by cg effects? you can sense it when the phone moves and the display lags a bit behind