Earlier this year Pixel Qi began selling a do-it-yourself kit that allowed users to swap out their netbook's existing LCD screen with one from the startup. Initial sales went relatively well for a product aimed primarily at adventurous modders and tested to work with just a few specific netbook models, but the company is hoping to reach new audiences with its latest range of sunlight-readable displays. Partnering up with German firm Display Solution AG, Pixel Qi will start selling its panels as standalone units that can hook up to your computer or smartphone either wired or wirelessly.

The company is pitching it as a companion display for when you need some extra screen real estate, or need to show someone else screen information. In a nutshell, the Display Solutions d-screen-Qi10 pairs a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 3qi display from Pixel Qi with its own d-screen-HYBRID driver board, which can be hooked up via USB, wireless USB or Ethernet. The first commercially available product will use a wired USB connection and consume a measly 1.5W of power with the LED backlight turned on, meaning the screen can function with no internal battery or power adapter.

As with other Pixel Qi based products, the screen can be used in regular LCD mode or outdoors in two low power modes: a transflective mode where the backlight stays on and any roomlight adds to the screen brightness, and a e-ink-style reflective mode that works in grayscale and is viewable even in direct sunlight. There's no word on pricing at this point, but the first Display Solutions d-screen-Qi10 model is slated to go on sale next month.