Microsoft is launching the Xbox 360 Kinect motion-sensor gaming accessory in November (on the 4th in the US and on the 10th in Europe). The company's expectations for the device are quite high and with the launch less than two months away, details of the accompanying marketing campaign, as well as in-game ads, are starting to trickle out.

Three new TV ads have been released to advertise the peripheral, as first posted by Press Start Games. In an effort to convince gamers that the controller-free experience is worth a shot, Microsoft is using children to demonstrate three different launch titles: Kinect Sport, Kinect Joy Ride, and Kinectimals. Kinect's "you are the controller" slogan is in all three ads, which you can view for yourself after the jump.

In addition to advertising for Kinect, Microsoft is also planning advertising in Kinect: new kinds of interactive ads that tie into the gaming accessory. The software giant has already announced that Chevrolet, Sprint, and T-Mobile will be advertising within the Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and Kinect Joy Ride. Kinect will be sold for $149 by itself, but Microsoft and retailers will also offer several bundles that include an Xbox to attach the Kinect to.