Antec has released a new addition to its line of revolutionary cases: the highly customizable LanBoy Air. Shipping with five fans stock, and upgradable to fifteen, the case creates positive air pressure which forces hot air and dust out of the case through perforations in the side panels. This open-air flow design keeps the maximum amount of air circulation across components at all times, and considering the design allows you to fit in three sixteen-inch graphics cards, you just might need that cooling capacity someday.

Aimed at accommodating gamers and power users who want maximum flexibility, the real allure of this case is its ability to be completely reconfigured (see the exploded view above). This includes several mounting options for the power supply, slide out motherboard tray, movable fans, and eleven movable drive bays which can be configured to use Antec's vibration reducing AirMount drive suspension system. The case also features two heavy-duty handles for easy transportation, adding to its already toolbox-like appearance. Starting at $219.95 the LanBoy Air is available in red, blue, and yellow color schemes.