[Weekend Open Forum] In the past few years we've seen a number of smartphones and mobile operating systems burst onto the scene and drive mobile Internet usage through the roof. It's difficult to get reliable statistics, as numbers tend to vary significantly depending on whom you ask, but some estimates even claim the number of mobile Internet users will be higher than that of users browsing the web via a desktop computer by the year 2014.

Today the majority of mobile Internet consumption comes from users of iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices splitting their time between emails, browsing, and social networks. The benefits of mobile browsing are pretty obvious: you can access information anywhere at any time. But there are also a few shortcomings like carriers' expensive data plans and their all-too-common usage caps. Plus, you can't beat the comfort of surfing the web at home on a larger screen.

Today we want to know about your mobile browsing habits. Do you use your phone to get online? How often? We've attached a simple poll after the break, but if you are a regular mobile Internet user we'd love to hear what type of activity you are using it for and what your most-frequented destinations are. Discuss.