The eternal wait for Duke Nukem Forever is somehow slowly drawing to a close. Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford is taking Duke Nukem Forever on a world tour, as reported by Kotaku. His first international stop is the Firstlook gaming convention in Amsterdam, where the Dutch got a sneak peek at Duke Nukem Forever. The live demo was played on the Xbox 360, but the game is also slated to arrive on the PS3 and PC. Pitchford offered a blow-by-blow description of what's happening on screen that makes you wish you had attended.

Don't despair though, as many Dutch gamers brought high-definition cameras with them and posted videos online of our action hero. Duke starts off at a urinal, but we promise it gets better from there (the game is full of action mixed with comic relief).

Gearbox Software has been working on resurrecting the Duke Nuke Forever project for quite a while now; prior to last year the game had been largely classified as infinitely delayed. Now we have gameplay videos, however, and the game is set for release in 2011. Both single player and multiplayer modes have been confirmed.