During a keynote at CTIA today, Verizon revealed its 4G rollout plans for the US. The telecom giant expects to flip the switch on LTE connectivity in 38 major urban markets by the end of the year, covering 62 airports and 110 million Americans -- a figure that will increase to 200 million by the end of 2013.

The company says customers will see speeds of 5Mb/s to 12Mb/s for downloads and 2Mb/s to 5Mb/s for uploads -- seemingly faster than Clearwire/Sprint's WiMAX. Verizon's LTE will halve the latency of 3G at about 30ms and will cope better with intensive tasks such as two-way video and multiplayer gaming.

We haven't seen anything about pricing or plan options, but the company did announce that a slew of LTE devices are on the way. Come CES in January, Verizon will "show half-a-dozen smartphones and tablets from the top OEMs in the world." Those devices will be available in the first half of next year.