Last week we launched TechSpot's new homepage bringing the biggest change we've made to the site since our last full redesign over two years ago. As you have likely noticed, the revamp consists, among other things, of a new 'headline view' which is our new default, while the legacy full-view mode remains an easily accessible option.

The reasoning behind the change was multifold, but perhaps the most important factor is that we wanted you to have a better way to browse through our news without having to scroll indefinitely, something that was becoming a bigger challenge as we tried to improve our coverage, bring you more detailed features, and embed rich media whenever possible. Whether you prefer the new headline view or the full layout, your browser will remember your setting whenever you click on either mode.

Other notable features that were part of the revamp are the "What's Trending" tab, a mix of the most commented and read news topics in the last week, improved page navigation with AJAX story loading on the headline-view, and topic-specific archives that are also easier to browse. The admittedly dull 'Top Stories' section that we had before has been reworked and married to the trending algorithm, so you can check out TechSpot's most popular news topics in the last week or the past month.

We are glad to report that so far the transition has gone smoothly and we've received mostly positive feedback. That said, we were surprised that almost none of you felt compelled to comment about this on the forum, so here's your opportunity to do so and in the process help us improve further based on your suggestions.