Ben Heck is known for his console mods, and his latest Microsoft endeavor does not disappoint. Heck has converted the Xbox 360 Slim into what he calls the Xbox 360 Slim Portable. The construction of the unit is being covered over the first six episodes of The Ben Heck Show.

Compared to his 2009 version of a portable Xbox 360, this device is 1.5-inches narrower left to right and an inch shorter front to back. That's impressive if you take note that this time it has an internal power supply, is even quieter than before, and the touch sensitive power and eject buttons of the Slim have been preserved. Heck has included pushbutton control audio amplification, his fan grate design copied from his PS3 Laptop, and a PVC plastic routed case. The included monitor is a Gateway 1775W 17-inch widescreen LCD display with a 1280×720 resolution.

The current model is being given away as part of a contest on The Ben Heck Show, but he's making two others for purchase if you've got that kind of money.