In a spree that's increasingly difficult to keep up with, Google has launched a pre-release build of Chrome 8, which is pretty much a continuation of Chrome 7 with a few changes. The announcement made through the dev channel only mentions a "number of stability improvements and other changes." However, there are at least a couple interesting new features, such as hardware acceleration for HTML5 Canvas elements.

To harness the power of your graphics card, enter "about:labs" in the navigation bar and enable GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D. While in the about:labs menu, you can also try other experimental features, including one that brings Google's Instant search to the omnibar. Chrome 8.0.552.0 is available for both Windows and Mac, but remember that it's only intended for developers and thrill-seeking early adopters.

Meanwhile, Opera has also been updated to version 10.63, addressing numerous bugs, ranging from critical security vulnerabilities to minor UI tweaks. Among the more noteworthy flaws is one that allowed cross-domain checks to be bypassed, allowing data theft using CSS. Another allowed private video streams to be intercepted. You can read the complete changelog here, or snag Opera 10.63 from our download section.