Google Chrome 8.0.552.0, Opera 10.63 released


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In a spree that's increasingly difficult to keep up with, Google has launched a pre-release build of Chrome 8, which is pretty much a continuation of Chrome 7 with a few changes. The announcement made through the dev channel only mentions a "number of stability improvements and other changes." However, there are at least a couple interesting new features, such as hardware acceleration for HTML5 Canvas elements.

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nice, and free...way to go, google!

previous google chrome versions 7.0.544.0 and 7.0.548 crashes when "CTRL + SHIFT + DEL" keys are pressed while in incognito mode...


I miss the good old days, when developers released software when it was freaking READY TO USE. Versions 1, 2, 3 etc. The only reason you had an incremental version is if a significant bug was discovered and they issued an updated version.

The new world of releasing versions 8.0.552.0 and similar numbers ad nauseum pretty much guarantees you will get some buggy untested code thrown in there that will do god knows what to your system resources.

Sucks to be honest. I am tired of being a beta tester on every damn program, even though I did not sign up to be on.

How about you release an even-numbered version ... when it is done.


I'm sorry but you are pretty wrong. Even the first sentence on the post says "Google has launched a pre-release build of Chrome 8".

8.0.552.0, you see is a dev preview release from the Dev Channel. There are three channels with Google Chrome, the Stable Channel, Beta Channel and Dev Channel.

You are currently complaining about bugs found in the Dev Channel and that 8.0.552.0 shouldn't have been released since it's not ready to be released.

Well yeah, it's not supposed to be ready. It's supposed to go through testing, not daily usage by users who expect everything to just work.