Continuing its efforts to bring its technology to every device possible, Adobe has announced a new version of its Air cross-platform runtime environment that will bring support not only for PCs, but also mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Companies like Samsung, Acer, HTC, Motorola and RIM all set to support the technology, with Samsung reportedly shipping its SmarTV with a pre-installed version of Android and Air sometime in 2011.

Among the new features in version 2.5 are support for accelerometers, multi-touch gestures, cameras and microphones, GPS data, and hardware acceleration. Most of these things are pretty common on mobile devices nowadays so it’s no surprise the new version of Air arrives with such upgrades. To support the new release, Adobe also announced a marketplace for developers to easily distribute and sell their apps on stores across different devices.”

Basically Adobe InMarket will let developers create a single application that runs on multiple devices with only a few tweaks, also allowing to publish and manage them across partner stores through a centralized portal. It seems Adobe is still negotiating with various app store partners, so the only one it’s announcing right now is Intel AppUp, but Android and other platforms are likely to follow – and Apple’s iOS probably will not.