Speaking with the Down Jones Newswire, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci revealed a launch date for the company's upcoming tablet PCs. While many manufacturers are waiting for the release of Android 3.0, it seems Acer is pressing onward with its initial batch of slates. According to Lanci, the company plans to launch its first tablet in New York on November 23 – less than a month away.

The executive also shared pricing information. Acer's offerings will range from $299 to $699, effectively undercutting the starting price of Apple's iPad by $200. The $299 price point is also home to many netbooks, which are already competing for attention with Apple's tablets.

Lanci didn't mention what operating system the devices would run at launch, but Windows 7 or Android 2.2 are the most likely candidates – even if Google says the latter isn't ready for tablets. Other specs are also up in the air, so we could see a healthy mix of sizes and horsepower.