Weekend Open Forum Microsoft recently revealed that over 25 million gamers spend more than 1 billion hours on Xbox Live each month playing games, watching videos, and listening to music.

Do the math and on average Xbox users are spending over 30 hours per month using the console. That's an impressive figure, though of course not all of that time is devoted to playing games, in fact I believe Microsoft is more interested in highlighting how its entertainment platform has grown beyond games and is being used more extensively to communicate with friends and play media.

But let's focus on the gaming side of things for a second. It's not hard to guess that if you visit TechSpot and are reading this, odds are you are a gamer, even if you don't have enough time in your hands at this very moment, you do play games on occasion.

In my case, depending on how busy I am, it can be weeks and I won't touch a single game, but then there are periods when I'll get pretty hooked up and will make time to dedicate to a worthwhile title. It's not often that you come across a WoW-class of addicting game – I'm looking at you StarCraft II – though for me it could be anything as long as it's really good, from first person shooters to real time strategy games, and when playing with friends, think Super Mario Wii, Rock Band or Pro Evolution Soccer.

Unfortunately I've had little time to spare recently, so I've been missing most of the latest titles and when playing something I've simply recurred to the games I've owned for a while. All in all, I've likely spent no more than 5 hours playing in the last month, though you could say I'm making time for when Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem Forever (*ouch) are released.

How about yourself? How much time do you usually dedicate to play games in your computer, console or even smartphone? Discuss.