WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?


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About 8-10 hours atm. But that may change depending several things which may come up soon, resulting much less free time :rolleyes:. Anyway, mostly I play TF2 / Q3-4 / or EEII.


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Probably average around 5 hrs/week. I don't get much time because I've got a lot of uni work, so I end up jumping into random online fps' like the insurgency mod for hl2. I've got an ongoing save on Mass Effect which I'd really like to finish but again time is against me :(


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Depends on my work load, but probably 6-14 hours per week. The games I am playing now are Assassins Creed II and minecraft :)


Today i probably game as much as the average Belgian about 2 to 3 hours a day


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A lot, but only because I play World of Warcraft. Some day I'll add up all my time /played to see how much time I've spent but per week I would imagine it's about 20-30 hrs.


Depends whether there's any new games out that week or not. If there is then I'd say at least 20-25 hours a week.


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Anywhere from 3-15 hours a week depending on several factors. I'm the type to play a few games for a long time rather than tons of games for short periods of time. My top game now is still Bad Company 2 and waiting on GT5 (damn delays).


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the main factor is the game i play. like when i play civilization, most of the time i finish the game in one sitting (like 6-7 hours per game). and i do that like once a week. playing fps games are different entirely since i only take like 2-3 hours tops. before i play like 10 hours a week, but now, because of school and work, i only play like 5 hours per week.


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I play so much Halo: Reach that it's unhealthy. My computer hasn't played a game since then. Playing about 5-8 hours a day. -_-


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Before I lost my job at Universal I played 3 hrs a day. When I lost my job I became a full time citizen of Northtrend and played 9-10 hrs a day. I was my get away from real life. I quit cold turkey in June and went back to work. I am down to a few hrs a week now depending on my work schedule.


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I probably average around an hour a week. I simply don't have the time to do everything I would like to, and playing video games is lower on my priority list than other free time activities.


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g4mer said:
I play games 85% of the time when my PC is on.

That's about right haha =P

But honestly whenever I feel like playing I play, and I don't stick to one game I just play whatever I feel like playing... 'where ever the feeling takes me' as the say =)

I'm in college and I don't get any homework(I'm very grateful =D) so usually about 3 or 4 hours when I come home, bit more on weekends.
I don't play any one game, it's whatever i'm in the mood to play! :p

Though I usually play about 2-5 hours a day. but it depends on my schedule for that day.