As expected, Microsoft has released its fall update for the Xbox 360 Dashboard today, bringing many of the features showcased earlier this year at E3. Highlights include the addition of ESPN3, revamped Netflix and Zune services, interface changes, new family settings, and support for the upcoming Kinect motion controller.

Sports buffs with an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to watch 3,500 events a year, including live and on-demand college and pro games. Microsoft has added its music subscription service Zune Pass to Live along with enhanced social and search functionality. Likewise, Netflix has also received a "streamlined search" ability.

Meanwhile, voice chat quality has been improved, there's a streamlined in-dashboard virtual keyboard, an updated Marketplace UI and Gamertag creation, and it's easier to get on a wireless network. You can now sign-out other controllers in the sign-in interface, and there's a new browsing experience for 100% completed games.

The new family settings let you customize privacy and activity settings for each user, including the ability to restrict specific game ratings. Microsoft says the latest update is mandatory, meaning you'll have to install it if you want to access Xbox Live. If you haven't already received the update, you should be prompted soon enough.