Rishi Chandra, Google TV's Product Manager, recently took the stage at the NewTeeVee Live conference to discuss the issue of TV networks pulling their content from the service. Cable companies are viewing Google TV as a threat, as they are increasingly concerned with cord-cutting: the term used for people canceling their cable subscriptions because they can find the content for free or for less online and via other means.

"Our point of view is that cord cutting is not happening anytime soon," Chandra said. "We think the cable industry does a pretty good job of delivering content to users...so we don't think that all of a sudden users are going to shut off all that content. We're not trying to replace cable." When asked why broadcasters like Google TV, Chandra replied, "There are very many content owners who welcome Google TV, we are building a variety of different partnerships. It's not TV or web, it's TV and web." You can see the full interview in the video below, courtesy of GigaOm:

Soon after Google TV launched, TV networks ABC, CBS, and NBC denied Google TV access to TV episodes on their own websites. Fox was still debating whether or not to pull out as well. While Chandra was on stage, the TV network started blocking Google TV as well, according to GTVHub.