Google: we're not trying to replace cable TV


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Rishi Chandra, Google TV's Product Manager, recently took the stage at the NewTeeVee Live conference to discuss the issue of TV networks pulling their content from the service. Cable companies are viewing Google TV as a threat, as they are increasingly concerned with cord-cutting: the term used for people canceling their cable subscriptions because they can find the content for free or for...

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cardriverx said:
God damn it Google, grow some balls. I WANT google TV to replace my cable (not that I have a cable subscription...)
They are walking a razor-thin tightrope here. If they grow balls (as you want), then you can guarantee that a big chunk of the content that a large percentage of consumers would want to have on Google TV will not be available. They have to play the game, since the big networks hold all the cards. Consider it a process - they get in, play nice, and slowly take over, until the cable companies are only supplying broadband. Muahahahahaha


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cardriverx said:
AKA I am waiting for google TV with a very large harddrive and better browsing. And Utorrent support.

boggybobby said:
Poor tv networks. Not long left now!!!
It's not really the tv networks, but the cable providers that have to worry about this. I really don't get this move. They're still making money by having user's go to their pages directly. All they have to do is put ads in their shows online. I'm very surprised by the move, because directing people to watch their shows online is essentially cutting out the middleman.


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To taea00, I want the features of a HTPC with a better interface. Google TVs interface is looking to be much nicer than simply running windows 7 on your TV.


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I guess the networks and cable providers want to make sure no one else can show their precious episodes if they can't somehow make more money off of it. I'm guess they're just trying to squeeze money out of Google.


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Google TV is just another great option for people. How many of these things have been bought? Not enough to monopolize the bigger percentages who can't afford it. Cable providers will be around for a long time.


Why don't u guys just buy comcast. all the networks will bow to you and you will rake in all the advertising money (thats the end game, lets be honest here). whats the networks option then air broadcast?


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Quite a fight is shaping up between web and cable/satellite based TV.
Although I think cable/satellite TV still has a chance to keep their position in the market.


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This is what cable companies get for showing commercials on there channels when we pay a monthly fee to see them. They also show infomercials, I pay to see infomercials?


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This was expected. In longer run Google tv is trying to replace cable TV and helping consumer to reduce / save their cable charges. Who in the world will want to go their income easily. But i feel Google Tv is good for consumer who wants to save money on cable tv. These days cable tv bill comes in hundreds per month. So sooner or later people will start switching to Google tv. If TV channel don't take any steps to fight with google now then they will loose. I guess that is the reason TV channels are pulling it off from Google TV.


For everyone that didn't listen to the interview I'll make it simple for you.

We're not trying to replace Cable TV..........We're trying to DESTROY it!


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Network and Cable providers are in denial, they want to keep their 20th century business model alive in the 21st century which just isn't going to last. Unfortunately for us consumers they have so much money & control they can drag on this fight and keep overcharging us for a very long time before they finally change. Google knows this and instead of fighting the good fight they seem to be going along with it to get in their good graces, same as they did on net neutrality with Verizon.


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cable is way too expensive, i'd never get it.
i don't see the difference between google TV and TV + HDMI + computer. would anyone care to elaborate?


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google is everywhere now. it wont be long when the users will switch to google tv since it's lot cheaper and a lot more user friendly (imo). hmm what does cable have to compete with google? pls enlighten me

im not sure if most of the cable users would readily switch. what you guys think?


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Cable providers provide us with content which they license from the different networks and content providers. I don't think any of our favorite cable channels &/or tv channels are going to be free to watch on the internet anytime soon. What Google TV offers is more of an alternative mode of entertainment rather than a direct competition to cable TV. However, that could change in the next few years.


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I think this this might be the ONE thing that google will lose, cable companies and content makers are just too big.