Geforce GTX 560 comes next year has 384 shaders Geforce GTX 460 was Nvidia's life saver, and all reports are indicating that it has been selling well. Even AMD admitted that to its analists. This is the main reason why Nvidia won't release a new GTX 560 until early next year. This is the card that is supposed to replace the GTX 460. The new card is based on GF114 chip, which is an improved GF104 with better clocks and all eight clusters enabled. Fudzilla

Catalyst 10.10e hotfix available, brings MLAA for Radeon HD 5000 cards The fifth Catalyst 10.10 hotfix driver has now been made available and, as promised it enables the use of MLAA (Morphological Anti-Aliasing), a feature which debuted together with the Radeon HD 6800 models, by owners of Radeon HD 5000 series cards. Tech Connect

The great cyberheist One night in July 2003, a little before midnight, a plainclothes N.Y.P.D. detective, investigating a series of car thefts in upper Manhattan, followed a suspicious-looking young man with long, stringy hair and a nose ring into the A.T.M. lobby of a bank. Pretending to use one of the machines, the detective watched as the man pulled a debit card from his pocket and withdrew hundreds of dollars in cash. Then he pulled out another card and did the same thing. Then another, and another. The NY Times

Android holes allow secret installation of apps Security researchers have demonstrated two vulnerabilities that allow attackers to install apps on Android and its vendor-specific implementations without a user's permission. During normal installation, users are at least asked to confirm whether an application is to have certain access rights. Bypassing this confirmation request reportedly allows spyware or even diallers to be installed on a smartphone. H-Online

THQ: Games should be priced at $40 If you're tired of spending $60 for a video game, you should be hoping that THQ President Brian Farrell has some clout in the industry. A $40 price tag for video games could benefit both gamers and publishers trying to generate more revenue, Farrell said yesterday at the BMO Capital Markets Digital Entertainment conference in New York City. CNET

The Ascendancy of .co An anonymous reader tipped the fact that, with the .com namespace getting pretty well mined out,'s front page for domain registrations now defaults to .co instead of .com. The article claims that GoDaddy registers about half of new domain names.

The brutal decline of Yahoo: An infographic tale January, 1994, Two Stanford studens create "David and Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web." Within three years they have the largest audience on the net.