It looks like Portal fans will have to wait a little longer for the next installment of the first-person puzzle title. Originally slated for release in 2010, Valve has announced a second delay for Portal 2, this time bumping its debut from February 9 to April 20, 2011. According to the developer, “the two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve's proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date.”

Well, at least they haven’t lost their sense of humor, though we imagine gamers will be less than thrilled about the news. The upcoming sequel takes place hundreds of years after the original game, with users revisiting the decaying labs of Aperture Science, facing GLaDOS once more, and thus beginning another journey of dodging turrets and escaping deathtraps. Besides polished graphics and a new co-op mode, Portal 2 features new gameplay elements including tractor beams, paint-like gels and more. The game will be available for PC, Macs, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.