Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently said that the next release of Android (version 2.3) will arrive in a few weeks and Chrome OS will officially be out in the next few months on Intel and ARM-powered netbooks. It seems many are taking the latter as a delay since Google previously said that Chrome OS would be out in the second half of 2010 but now it looks like the first half of 2011 is the target.

Acer's Jim Wong recently confirmed that the company would not be launching a Chrome OS netbook until 2011. Wong said this would be in parallel with the "consumer launch" of the OS next year. This would mean that rumors of both Acer and HP launching Chrome OS offerings in December will not come to pass. Furthermore, it means that Google will not be able to capitalize on the 2010 holiday season.

Nevertheless, it appears that Chrome OS will officially be unveiled this year, if Google sticks to its agenda of having something ready for December, according to Engadget. A Google-branded Chrome OS netbook (think Nexus One) will reportedly launch for "friends and family." Since the OS isn't yet complete, the netbook would be aimed at the development and enthusiast community. Earlier this month, DigiTimes reported that 75,000 units are being manufactured by Taiwan ODM Inventec.