At 60 bucks a pop, you'd think gamers would be compelled to play new releases from cover to cover, but as it turns out, that's not necessarily true. For instance, in September, BioWare told IGN that only around half of Mass Effect 2 players actually finished the campaign. The site recently followed up on that statistic with a list suggesting why gamers might shelve titles before completion. The highlights include lowered expectations, bugs, failed narratives, and the fact that it's so easy to trade boring games at your local GameSpot for ones that are more entertaining.

Mass Effect 2 doesn't suffer from any of those issues as far as we know. In fact, it's about as good as games come these days, as evidenced by its PC metascore of 94. So we have to wonder if a 50% completion rate is actually pretty decent for a successful modern release. I'm certainly guilty of buying games and not beating them. Looking at my collection, I'd say I've only finished about 20% of the titles, and that mostly boils down to a lack of time. How about yourself? How many unbeaten games are in your library and what's stopping you from reaching the end?