Apple has been largely quiet about its forthcoming Mac App Store ever since the new venture was announced at the company’s Back to the Mac event in October. But this weekend some fresh information finally began surfacing around the web, including the rules by which developers looking to submit apps will have to abide. Most notably, trial versions, betas and demo software will not be allowed in the store, only “fully functional, retail versions” of applications.

The restriction is rather surprising given how trial versions of applications in the App Store for iOS devices have come in quite handy for those who want to try before they buy. Hit game titles like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, for example, are also available in a "lite" version for free. Instead the Cupertino-based company is suggesting that the best venue for developers to offer trial versions or beta software is their own websites.

Apple also issued tips for developers on how to meet the Mac App Store guidelines, like ensuring that applications store data in the appropriate location and follow its interface design principles for creating custom controls in a Mac application. Apple is rumored to hold a media event next week to announce the availability of magazine and newspaper subscriptions on the iPad through iTunes. It's possible that the Mac App Store could launch at this event.