With CES 2011 only a few weeks away now, it's becoming apparent that Toshiba is planning to debut three tablet computers in the next quarter. One will run Windows 7, one will be powered by Android, and one will feature Chrome OS, according to DigiTimes.

Two of the tablets will have displays that are 10.1-inches wide, with the third one measuring 11.6-inches. Unfortunately, the sizes haven't been assigned to their respective operating systems just yet. There are also reportedly plans for new 7-inch slates as well, but details are even scarcer for those. They will be handled by the company's handset department, however, suggesting that the devices will be more smartphone than PC.

It's becoming quite clear that OEMs are not sure what the best OS is for tablets. Windows is the market leader, but it doesn't have particularly great touch controls. Android isn't supposed to be any good for tablets until version 3.0 is released; Lenovo, for example, is refusing to release any device running on Android 2.x. Last of all, Chrome OS isn't even expected to be finalized till next year, and even then it will be at a very early version 1.0.