Notion Ink has announced that it's ready to open preorders for the anticipated Adam tablet. The company said it would kick off sales by emailing preorder links to members of its blog on December 10 at midnight IST, six hours ahead of public availability, but there appears to be some form of technical issue or confused time zones. Many commenters say that they haven't received an email, but those that have say the page tells them preorders will open at noon PST December 10.

We imagine Notion Ink will update everyone soon, but in the meantime, the situation has prompted many valid concerns from skeptical followers. Some are weary of laying down cash without seeing footage of the final product. Others want to know what payment options are available (people complain that preorders will only accept Visa and Amex) and when their card will be charged. Some simply ask when the device will ship and wonder if it has Google's Android Market installed.

Hopefully the company will fill in all of those blanks soon. For what it's worth, rumors suggest the Adam is on track for release around CES, which kicks off on January 6. Base pricing is currently set at $375.33 for the LCD Wi-Fi version, which has been lowered from $399. An LCD model with 3G connectivity costs $425.33, while Wi-Fi and 3G models with a Pixel Qi display are $499.45 and $549.99. You can find a complete rundown of the specs on the official Adam site.