Adobe has announced the Chrome notebook Pilot program, which will see Flash Player ported to Chrome OS. Google's latest mobile operating system is yet another platform that Adobe wants its three million Flash developers to develop for. Currently, the company says that Flash Player 10.1 support is a work in progress and acceleration for video is a top priority.

In other words, Adobe is not waiting for version 10.2 to come out of beta; it is pushing forward to get it Chrome OS users onboard right off the bat with the first hardware. In fact, Chrome OS already ships with Flash Player 10.1, but it's hardly optimized just yet.

"Video performance in particular is the primary area for improvement and we are actively working with the engineers at Google to address this," an Adobe spokesperson said in a statement. "Enabling video acceleration will deliver a more seamless experience on these devices. Because Flash Player is integrated directly into Chrome Notebooks, users will automatically benefit from the latest features and improvements as new versions of the software are pushed out."

Adobe also took the opportunity to share some data around the plug-in. Flash video streaming is on the rise with more than 100 percent year-over-year growth over the past two years. Furthermore, in one month alone, 120 petabytes of video is streamed via Flash.