It was only a matter of time. A new sex game for the Kinect motion controller has been demonstrated on YouTube by a company named ThriXXX, maker of 3D SexVilla 2. Less than two months after release, the controller-free experience designed for family activities is becoming a new medium for the pornography industry. The game allows users to simulate sexually intimate acts by only using their bodies.

"ThriXXX is currently in development of adult themed Kinect games for the Microsoft XBOX 360 and or PC. Currently still in its testing stages the company plans to release this technology to the public," reads the video's description. "As you can see from the tech demo the Kinect camera works well with the software matching hand movements with on screen interaction fairly flawlessly."

Microsoft likely won't allow the game on its Xbox console, though there really isn't anything stopping the company from releasing the game on the PC. Still, gamers would have to purchase the $150 accessory to play. The game is slated to be released for Windows 7 next year.