This proved to be a rocky year for Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, according to DigiTimes. Between the bond crisis in Europe and weaker-than-expected demand in China, all Taiwan-based motherboard makers fell short of their shipment goals for 2010.

Asus reportedly moved some 21.6 million boards this year, which is on par with 2009, but still lower than its intended 25 million shipments. Gigabyte also remained flat on-year, shipping 18.5 million motherboards, which is 1.5 million less than the company hoped for.

Meanwhile, Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) and Micro-Star International (MSI) are said to have shipped 6.5 and seven million boards, and despite having a strong OEM presence, neither company met its goal for 2010. DigiTimes noted that ASRock surpassed both firms in branded shipments this year, moving eight million units, which is one million more than 2009 and a million short of the company's target for 2010.