It seems Vizio left out one juicy little detail yesterday in their round of pre-CES announcements: OnLive integration. Apparently the U.S. largest HDTV vendor has inked a deal with the cloud-based gaming company to integrate its service right into their products. And we're not talking about just HDTVs here, but Vizio's upcoming tablet, smartphone, Blu-ray players and basically everything in their new Via product line

Details remain scarce at the moment so we don't know when the OnLive-equipped Vizio products will hit the market or what they will cost. So far the service has only been available on Windows and Mac OS X-based systems or though the OnLive micro-console which plugs directly into a TV's HDMI port. Vizio products featuring OnLive's streaming gaming service should be on-display at CES in early demo form, so more details about how the service will be implemented on Vizio devices should arrive soon.

OnLive also said that full 1080p resolutions, 3D support, and 5.1 surround sound support would arrive later this year via a free update to all its users. No word on whether they plan similar partnerships with other electronics manufacturers.