Like most major PC vendors, Acer has announced a fresh batch of machines with Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, including a new flagship notebook, the 18.4-inch Apsire AS8950G-9839. Acer's new premium offering features the latest silicon from both Intel and AMD, pairing the 2GHz (2.9GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0) Core i7-2630QM with the ATI Mobility Radeon 6850 2GB.

Being an 18.4-inch laptop, the AS8950G is undoubtedly classified as a desktop replacement and its hardware options reflect that. The machine comes stock with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a single 750GB hard drive, but it can house up to 16GB and 1.5TB. It also features an edge-to-edge glass 1080p LED-backlit display, a Blu-ray drive, and five built-in speakers with a subwoofer.

Along with the typical connectivity, such as HDMI, gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11.b/g/n, Acer has added the less common Firewire and eSATA ports for speedier data transfers. There's also a 1.3MP webcam, a multi-touch trackpad, and a fingerprint reader for extra security. The Aspire AS8950G-9839 should hit shelves on Sunday, January 9 with a starting price of $1,600.