Chitika, a Web advertising company, has posted some interesting graphs that show Windows Phone 7 isn't doing so well. After analyzing data from more than 100,000 websites and about 3 billion monthly ad impressions in their advertising network, Chitika has concluded that visits from users running Windows 98 is still almost double the visits from Windows Phone 7 users.

Windows 98 grabbed about 0.019 percent of all traffic on Chitika's ad network at the beginning of January. By contrast, Windows Phone 7 secured a little less than 0.010 percent market share.

WP7 is still very new, and it is growing, but not very quickly. In December, WP7 was sending about 0.40 percent as much traffic as iPhone and Android (combined). At present, that number has risen slightly, to an average of 0.44 percent.

While we realize that Chitika's conclusion is a grab for attention, it still makes us wonder about Windows Phone 7's progress. Even after what LG said about the Windows Phone 7 launch, we still find this data surprising. Last month, Microsoft announced it sold 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices to retailers, but wouldn't say how many of those consumers had actually purchased.